About us

Dialat ltd entered the market of molecular biology products in 1991.

 Since then we have managed to gain expertise in R&D and high-quality PCR reagents production. Our products are used in diagnostic laboratories, research institutes, in production of diagnostic kits not only in Russia, but also in Italy, Germany, Greece, Korea and Finland.

 We aim at producing and distributing competitive and reliable products for PCR research and diagnostics.

 We offer a wide range of reagents for various researches using the method of PCR: reagents for routine PCR, cloning, HI-FI PCR, "hot start" amplification, real time PCR etc. We have developed technologies for long-time storage of thermostable and thermolabile products, that enable to simplify its' usage in PCR reactions without any loss in qualitative indicators.

 Our long-term presence in the market of PCR reagents is due to an exceptional quality of services and products. We intend to supply our clients with all the information as it eases the exploitation of our products and helps to avoid time-consuming processes.

 We are always open to collaboration with companies working in the market of molecular biology and PCR diagnostics.

 All the questions are easy to solve - they are up for discussion.

 We look forward to productive collaboration.